Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (16)

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Princess for Hire
by Lindsey Leavitt

Release Date:
March 16th, 2010


When a well-dressed woman steps out of a bubble and wants to know if you'd like to become a substitute princess, do you
A) run
B) faint
C) say yes?
For Desi Bascomb, who's been longing for some glamour in her Idaho life, the choice is a definite C). Desi has a rare ability: with the help of "Royal Rouge," she can temporarily transform into the exact look-alike of any princess who needs her subbing services. Dream come true, right?
Well, Desi soon discovers that subbing involves a lot more than wearing a tiara and waving at cameras.... In this winning debut, one girl's dream of glamour transforms into the desire to make a positive impact. And an impact Desi makes, one royal fiasco at a time.


Sorta Like a Rockstar
by Matthew Quick

Release Date:
May 1st, 2010


Amber Appleton lives in a bus. Ever since her mom’s boyfriend kicked them out, Amber, her mom, and her totally loyal dog, Bobby Big Boy (aka Thrice B) have been camped out in the back of Hello Yellow (the school bus her mom drives). But Amber, the self-proclaimed princess of hope and girl of unyielding optimism, refuses to sweat the bad stuff. Instead, she focuses on bettering the lives of her alcoholic mother and her quirky circle of friends: a glass-ceiling-breaking single mother raising a son diagnosed with autism; Father Chee and The Korean Divas for Christ (soul-singing ESL students); a nihilist octogenarian; a video-game-playing gang of outcasts; and a haiku-writing war vet. But then a fatal tragedy threatens Amber’s optimism—and her way of life. Can Amber continue to be the princess of hope?

With his zany cast of characters and a heartwarming, inspiring story, debut YA author Matthew Quick builds a beautifully beaten-up world of laughs, loyalty, and hard-earned hope. This world is Amber’s stage, and Amber is, well…she’s sorta like a rock star.


  1. These both sound cute. Great choices. I like all the names in Rock Star. The Korean Divas for Christ??? LOL. Here's Mind

  2. These both sound adorable! Oh, and can I just say how much I love the little pics you always put on your posts? So, so cute :)

  3. Princess for hire looks like a fun and cute book. I'll be checking this one out for sure!!!

  4. Princess for hire sounds like a great read and the cover is adoreable.

  5. Princess looks SO cute! Excellent choice :)

  6. These look cute :) I love that picture you're using!

  7. I love the cover of Sorta Like a Rockstar! Now that's a book I'd pick up off the self.

    Une Parole


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