Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Justine's Thoughts: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Ahh! I forgot to schedule posts this weekend! I'm so terrible, I know. It was a long weekend so I was busy all the while. Lots of sun and heat! I love it! Anyway, here's a long review to make up for my lack of interesting posts. The next reviews will be deep reads as well. Just a heads up. ;)

Dear John
By Nicholas Sparks



Book Description:

...When SavannahLynn Curtis comes into his life, John Tyree knows he is ready to turn over a new leaf. An angry rebel, he had enlisted in the army after high school, not knowing what else to do. Then, during a furlough, he meets the girl of his dreams. Savannah Lynn Curtis is attending college in North Carolina, working for Habitat for Humanity, and totally unprepared for the passionate attraction she feels for John Tyree.

The attraction is mutual and quickly grows into the kind of love that leaves Savannah vowing to wait for John while he finishes his tour of duty, and John realizing that he’s ready to settle down with the young woman who has captured his heart.

Neither can foresee that 9/11 is about to change the world and will force John to risk every hope and dream that he’s ever had.

Like so many proud men and women, John must choose between love and country. And like all those left behind, Savannah must decide to wait or move on. How do we choose wisely? How can we face loss - without giving up on love? Now, when he finally returns to North Carolina, John will discover that loving Savannah will force him to make the hardest decision of his life.

A quote:

“I’m just trying to make it through the day with enough energy to face tomorrow.”

Any thoughts:

A beautiful, tragic love story. And it was exactly what I needed to read when I borrowed it from the library.

Like I did with The Lovely Bones, I watched the movie first (which I have sworn to myself that I will never do again.) Overall, it’s completely different from the book. There are way too many things that I could tell apart. One of them is the ending, and how more is added to it just to please the viewer. Well, it didn’t. It just left us to think whether or not there is more to it. That may be a good thing in some cases, but in this one, it doesn’t make sense. Still, I thought it was okay. The scenery was beautiful; I’ve always wanted to live near a beach as well as try surfing. There were also so many parts that made me tear up. I managed to hold it in (except for one tear that escaped...I couldn’t help it!) because I hate crying at the movie theatre. I would suggest watching this movie only if you’re looking for a heartbreaking romance that is sure to make you cry.

The actual book is what I would prefer over the movie (like most book-to-film adaptations). For one, John is an amazing protagonist. Sure, he has made mistakes in the past and he was known to be a rebel, but after meeting Savannah, his life changes for the better. That is where I really start to admire him, especially when it comes to the most important decision. Over time, he grows to become more mature as he serves to protect his country, leaving Savannah waiting for his return home.

To those who have yet to read Dear John, I would suggest reading it, but do so with caution. Nicholas Sparks creates a sense of realism, one that may either cheer you up to no end or break your hearts into tiny pieces. But it is always fascinating to enter a different world that can bring out your emotions, and that is what Sparks succeeds in doing.

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