Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your Spelling Status

The other day this week my teacher asked if she could read the summary of the book I was reading. To those of you who are interested to know what it was, it’s Hold Still by Nina LaCour.

Later, she began addressing everyone’s status on their spelling. It is after all a kinesiology class. It involves the different parts of the body: the bones, the joints, the muscles (Want to know examples, guys? Ischial tuberosity, intertubercular groove, lateral malleolus). In this course, spelling really counts. And in my class actually, my entire school everyone’s spelling is simply awful. It’s a known fact.

My teacher went on that during her high school and university years, she read books for fun a lot. Whether it was fiction or nonfiction she would always be reading a book. And then she turned to me, knowing that I am a fellow bookworm, one of the rarest species in the school, and asked, “Justine, how’s your spelling?”

I thought about it, but that didn’t take long because I knew the truth: my spelling is awesome. And that’s exactly what I said, hesitantly adding, “Not to brag...or anything.”
I told my mom this story yesterday and she said to keep on reading; it’s very good for you since you’re a visual learner. It’s true -- I am a visual learner and reading does have its benefits. My spelling and grammar have been really good for a long time.
Whenever I edit someone’s paper, they’re the main things I instantly notice. Sure,
we can get confused with “your” and “you’re” or “their” and “they’re” sometimes. For me, the truth is: I don’t. I’m not even that good in English class, guys (although grammar always bumps
my mark up)!

So who knows if it’s the constant reading that’s the reason for my spelling skills? Or is it my visual learning skills? Or am I born with it?! If that’s the case, sign me up for a national spelling bee contest anytime! (I
do wish our school had a spelling contest. I’d sign up!)

But how about you guys? I want to know if your spelling has improved ever since you’ve started reading constantly and blogging about it. Or if your spelling is not that decent, tell me why you think that is. Maybe it has something to do with what kind of learner you are. Who knows?

I’m all ears! And boy, do I miss rambling about book-related things!

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