Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer, commence!

High school is done! Not really, since I've yet to graduate next week. But school is out and summer is here!!!

I already did a happy dance and this smile is staying on my face for a while. Hoorayy! Boy, this summer will be a busy one. With vacays, reading days, and especially preparation for school in the fall. Woo, that's going to be fun and scary at the same time. I mean, it's university! It's similar to high school all over again with the new school, meeting new friends, and big classes. Yikes, sounds frightening. Haha. But it'll be a new experience I'm already looking forward to!

And high school has been a blast. It was the time when I started this book blog! It was the time when I shared awesome books that had to be shared. It was the time for so many memorable things. Gosh, I will never forget these 4 years! I may never see all my classmates again, but that's life. It just goes on. Who knows? I'll probably bump into them at the grocery store in the future. Haha.

That's all I have to say. It's too difficult to put high school into words. I just love looking at the pictures that were taken throughout high school. And I love to reminisce. Ahhh, I might tear up during graduation next week!

So today's my first full day of summer. HOLLERRRRR! Ahem. Anyway, I'm spending it volunteering at a taste festival and I'll be making frappuccinos! Hurrah! Perfect on a lovely summer day! This will be the best summer yet I bet.

Cheers to everyone and as always, have a super amazing weekend! :)

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