Monday, December 26, 2011

My, my...

I know I keep apologizing....but I really am sorry for disappearing once again. To all my readers if there are still any, I'm trying to make it up. I'll be around commenting a lot during this winter break. I may or may not disappear again when school returns. I did not have an idea that I wouldn't be able to juggle both school and blogging but I'll give it another try. I'll still be returning to reading anyhow; I just haven't been able to keep track of what I've been reading (during school, I read no books for fun...only no-fun textbooks).

I truly hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and continue to spend their winter break with cheer. I know I'm going to be reading, knitting (I recently learned how to knit!!!), reading, watching movies and catching up with shows, and reading some more. Goodness, I clearly did not reach my 100 books goal for the year. I think I might have achieved less than last year, which was 88 books. Ah, there is always next time!

Have a great time and a happy new year!

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