Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Recreate A Cover (Princess Bookie Contest) Entry!

The Recreate A Book Cover Contest~ (at PRINCESS BOOKIE!)

How To Enter:
-Recreate A Book cover of a 2010 Young Adult Book (your choice, book must be released in 2010-no reprints)

-One Entry Per Person
-First 50 People To Enter (no more than this because it would be too hard to calculate)
-First Come First Serve- First 50 in linky will be entered!
-You can not reuse your cover from last year!!! No re-entries!
-However You CAN use a fan art Friday, as long as YOU made it! (I'll know when you link it from your blog)
Open Internationally but if you win and your international, you will win $10 giftcard from book depository.

How does voting work?
We vote in rounds.
-First 50 entered. Voting In Weeks. (first 50 to vote in voting round)
- 20 Go On To Round 1
-10 Go On To Round 2
-5 Go On To Round 3
Voting Winner Round 4

$10.00 gift certificate from Book Depository, one surprise book, one surprise ARC from ME, AND one arc from the box. (aka giftcard+ 3 books total) You pick a number you get that arc (each one has a post it note)
-Titles in Box: Spells, Lies, Siren, Jekel Loves Hyde, Extra-ordinary Secrets Of April, May, June, Summer Girls, Cinderella Society, Rules Of Attraction, White Cat, This World We Live In, Early To Death Early To Rise, Forgive My Fins, Wereling, Friend Is Not A Verb, Amy Roger Epic Detour, Winter Longing (Choice Of ARC-random #- Donated by Liz and Marie (and a few of mine) for this contest)

FYI: International:Open Internationally but if you win and your international, you will win $10 giftcard from book depository.

Due Monday 3/15 11:59 PM Or when we hit 50 entries! (Only one winner this year-1st place)


So here's my cover of THE SUMMER OF SKINNY DIPPING by Amanda Howells:

picture credit can be found here.

And here's the original:

If you'd like to enter, go ahead and create a cover! The blog post at Princess Bookie can be found here. Good luck! :)


  1. Ohhhh I love it. I personally think it's better then the original. :)

  2. Wow! I love it! Fantastic job, and good luck! Hope you win :D

  3. Cool! I really like yours. It seems to just go better with the title...

  4. Aaww it looks super! Loved it!
    Fantastic job and good luck =)

  5. It's so pretty. I love your choice of picture & text. I was scrolling through my dashboard and wanted to know what this book was because I'd never seen the cover haha. It's something that would catch my eye at a bookstore for sure.

  6. Wow! At first I thought they changed the book cover!

  7. Love your cover! Looks like the cover to a perfect summer read!

  8. So cute, I absolutly adore your cover. And I'm really excited to read this book. Hope you win!


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