Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday's Finest (42)

Friday's Finest is a new meme hosted by Steff & Justine from A Bookful of Thoughts.


~Post a quote that really stuck to you after reading it in a book.
~Make sure it isn't a spoiler!
~If you'd like, expand on what you think it means and why you chose it.

There's that thing that can happen to you when you meet somebody and you don't consider them extraordinary at all and then they do something like play the cello or write amazing poetry or sing and suddenly you look at them completely differently.

The Vinyl Princess by Yvonne Prinz

I like this quote. It's when you finally realize who this person really is and you know that it isn't based on their shell but who they truly are inside. It's also when they decide to reveal to you who they truly are inside. Because they think you're worth knowing.


Ah, sorry, my words a in a jumbled mess today. Nevertheless, here is Mr. Linky so go ahead and link your Friday's Finest!

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