Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well, well, well...I'm back!

After one full year of school (more like 7 months), I'm finally back to blogging. I apologize for the tiny updates over the year! I tried to schedule some review posts so at least my blog wouldn't be too inactive. I just finished finals today so I know I needed to update you all. It was a hectic end of the year with 17 days of finals and I never knew my brain could take in so much knowledge! But school was great and summer will be amazing.

So the books I read over the year weren't much. I must admit, university takes up too much of my reading time so there was no chance of reading for fun at all. I did manage to squeeze in several books. That's right -- several. I am way behind on this annual 100-book goal. For the books that I read, I'm going to do a mini review. It was my mistake not to review them immediately *bangs head on desk* and so I may not remember much. I won't do the usual expectations-setting-characters-plot style since I'm unable to be that detailed. I'm such a bad book blogger! I promise to be better this summer!

Also, I should acknowledge my reaching 700 followers! Wow-wow-wee!!! Well, it might switch from 699 to 700 to 701 but that'll be fine. Thank you all for sticking by me, especially through my school year. Oh I'm getting so teary-eyed! To some of you, I've communicated with you on Twitter so I've kept in touch. But to those who take the time to visit and comment -- I thank you! AND I LOVE YOU ALL!

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