Thursday, September 2, 2010

Midnight Release Party of Mockingjay

Here it is! The post that I promised a few days ago. I don't know if the Mockingjay hype is still there, but this just has to be posted.


It was my first EVER midnight release party and wow, was it a blast! I went with two of my friends, Steff and Steph (confusing, I know. But Steff is the one who wrote some reviews and posted them here) to Chapters. The party was scheduled to be at 10 pm, but since we were all worried, especially me, we went a tiny bit earlier. Like around 8 pm. So we had the chance to walk around the mall.

When we went back, it was still early and we were the only ones there. Gradually, others started coming in. I was surprised to see how much people there were overall (my guess is about 50 people). Not as much as those who would have gone to a Harry Potter release party...but I was still glad that there were actually some who came!

There were stations that were set up and there was a "passport" that we initially receive, which we must get stamped at each station in order to be qualified for the draw at midnight.

The stations were so much fun! Unfortunately, we hadn't taken pictures of them. I guess we were too caught up in the hype. Some of the things we did were:
  • Design our own cupcakes
  • Hunt for, candy.
  • Go fishing
  • Shoot some arrows
  • Spot herbal leaves and drink tea
  • Got a Mockingjay tattoo
  • Answer trivia questions (on paper) to be qualified for another draw
  • Sign on a large card to be sent too Suzanne Collins
Too bad there were no group discussions. I would have loved to participate!

So in the end, we started lining up. We weren't in the front, but we weren't in the end either. I was satisfied. Yet that night, luck was against Steff, Steph and I and we didn't win any of the draws. When Mockingjay was in my hands, however, I was more than ecstatic. And thus began the night/morning of my reading the final book of The Hunger Games series.

Steph, Steff, and me

Review to be posted soon! But don't expect it too soon. . . ;)

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