Saturday, July 9, 2011

In My Mailbox (55)

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I am just so happy when I got these library books on Wednesday. It made my entire month!!! I absolutely missed reading during the summer. Having no books to read for a couple of days when summer started felt incomplete. I'm happy happy happy as a bird!

The list above is the order I'm going to read these books in. Most of them are summer reads. As in, they take place in the summer. Some were just available in the library so I got them. I had to have some books immediately, you know? Plus, I've been restless for a couple of nights this past week. With no book to read, other strange thoughts swarm my head. Reading before bed actually really helps me. I can't live without books! Haha.

I hope your summers are going well fantastically. The ultimate fun is yet to come for me. NEXT WEEK I'LL BE GOING TO FLORIDA. *CHEEEEEEEEEEEEERLEADER CHEEEERS* Woopee! Who's excited? I'm excited! Alrighty! So, I'll be resting this week and I'll be commenting lots. Watch out for me! Woo!

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