Thursday, January 5, 2012

Justine's Thoughts: WTF by Peter Lerangis

By Peter Lerangis

Source: Library

Book Description:
One plan, two parties, six players:Jimmy: the driver Cam: the connect Byron: the know-it-all Waits: the supplier Reina: the conscience MC: the crasherOne Friday night these six will test their limits to the extreme. Some are driven by lust, others by greed. One just wants to have fun, and another desire to be free. If everything goes as planned, they all get what they want. But within twenty-four hours, bones will break, bodies will touch, hearts will race, guns will be drawn, and everything will go oh so very wrong..

A quote:
Byron had to blink a dozen times, each time hoping the dream would end. But the unreal was real.


Any thoughts:
Crazy characters and a crazy night equals a fun, awesome adventure! It was a thrilling trip as we get into the minds of each of the characters and see their motives and opinions. They are so wild and funny, I ended up loving them in the end. And for some reason, I was attracted to Waits when one of the girls described him.

The plot is so cool and since it happens all in one night, the time is given at the beginning of each chapter. Every detail counts so as I began to piece it all together, I could not stop turning the pages.  I kept wanting to be there that night, all chaotic and so much fun.

It may not be the most realistic book out there since there were so many strange occurrences. There is a lot of swearing, and drugs, and money. But it is definitely worth reading.

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