Monday, January 2, 2012

My Book of the Year 2011

I may not have read a lot of books, and I may not have read many books that were published in 2011...but the book I am about to mention was read in 2011. After I read it, I was sure everybody I recommended it to would love it...and I hate to brag but I was darn right! So my book of the year would have to go to...

by Stephanie Perkins

I lent this book to basically everyone I knew. First, to those who absolutely loved to read. And second, to those who didn't read as much. And you know what? They all loved it!!! My friend is re-reading this book as I type. And now my other friend is also spreading the word to her friends, who now love the book as well. 

This book can have such a ripple effect on people -- keep spreading the word about it and it will spread further and further. It's just that this book is too amazing for words. It's everything giggly, sweet, heartbreaking, and cotton candy wrapped in one book. And since this book is my book of the year, I would totally with all my heart recommend this to you.

P.S. Today I bought Lola and the Boy Next Door so I am TOTALLY ECSTATIC!

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