Thursday, November 26, 2009

Justine's Thoughts: The Breakup Bible by Melissa Kantor

The Breakup Bible
By Melissa Kantor



Book Description:

High school junior Jennifer Lewis has it all: amazing friends, a coveted editorial position on the school newspaper, and the perfect relationship with senior Max Brown, her editor in chief and the boy of her dreams. Then, out of nowhere, Max casually tells Jennifer that maybe “it would be better if we were just friends,” and the world comes to a screeching halt.

Shocked, Jen can’t imagine how she’s supposed to get out of bed every morning much less face Max across a conference table at meetings for The Hillsdale High Spectator. And when her grandmother gives her The Breakup Bible, a self-help book that claims its “commandments” can make her “the happiest dumpee on the block,” Jen is convinced that the humiliation of heartbreak might actually be fatal. In fact, she’s sure there’s been a mistake -- she and Max aren’t really . . . over.

But as spring semester rolls around, and Jen finds herself on the trail of a controversial feature story, she starts to see Max -- and herself -- in a whole new light. And Jennifer discovers there just might be life after heartbreak.

A quote:

Is there a Web site called If so, this moment deserved to be the home page.

Any thoughts:

Well, I thought this book was really good. For one, Jennifer is a great heroine. The way she narrates the story can hold your attention because she’s funny, real, smart and deep. She can also be relatable for those girls who ever felt like they can never let go of the ones who dumped them. Jennifer clings to Max for what seems like forever and that’s what it actually feels like for her. She claims that it takes such a long time to go from “heartache to happiness”.

I also liked how Melissa Kantor inserted the controversial issue of race in high school and how she tackled it dead on in the end. This is what makes this read a little less on the fluffy side and more on the serious side, which is more of a reason why it’s a must read.

There’s drama, of course. What novel, which is based on breakups, does not have drama? None that I can think of. But I like it the way it’s used - realistic and reasonable.

Overall, this novel is the perspective of a girl, who is trying to go through a breakup while using The Breakup Bible that claims to have everything you need to follow to get over it. Along the way, she’ll stumble upon an idea for an article, play matchmaker for her one of her friends, and possibly even go on a blind date. What more could you ask for? I say you read this soon.


  1. The cover is eye grebbing. Love it.
    Interesting plot. LOL! I couldn't resist. You have two comments saying "Interesting theme" and "Interesting concept" and now you have "Interesting plot". :) You're welcome. ;)

    Anyway! (haha, sorry. ADD steps over my point sometimes.) But great review!

  2. Interesting Book :)


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