Sunday, November 22, 2009

Justine's Thoughts: The Twilight Saga - New Moon

It may contain a few spoilers, but if you read it, you'll be safe. Not much is revealed.

Yeah, yeah, here goes another New Moon review. I'm doing this not because everyone else is writing reviews about it, but because I want to look back at my thoughts later in the future, to see what my opinion was when I saw it....just in case I forget. :D

So I just saw it today with my mom, two days after the movie was released. I was not surprised to see many people in the theatre. In fact, the one we were supposed to go to was sold out. Luckily the one after that was only 30 minutes away, so all we had to do was wait. The theatre was full of people of different ages and the ones sitting near us were young children. The girls on the right side of me were in their teen years, which was just great because they reacted how I expected them to react, although it was less worse (thank goodness). The downside was that this one girl sitting nearest to me would often snort (at Edward! I know, right?) and place her legs on the empty seat beside me so it would make this noise that would bug the jitters out of me. Other than that, the rest of the people were actually quiet. O, happy day!

Anyway, onto the movie.

It had me at hello, to say the least. The beginning captured me with the effects so I was already amazed when it started. The landscapes -- fields, Italy, mountains, cliff, etc -- were really breathtaking. I loved the way it was filmed.

One thing I adored the most is that they stayed really true to the book. I was pointing out to myself the parts they got from the book and I found myself cheering! It made me happy, haha. Oh and there were some laugh-out-loud parts, which I thought were fantastic. Charlie continues to make me laugh.

The actors were indeed much better. Even though we get less Edward and more Jacob, I was fine with it. I think I found a new respect for Jacob; I felt really sorry for him at some parts. Taylor Lautner is a growing actor and he is the best Jacob ever. I loved his stunts! And Bella -- wow. You could literally feel the pain she was going through. I think the breathing sounds that she was making helped. You could tell she was hyperventilating and you could feel the emotion. Kristen Stewart is awesome, in my honest opinion. I love her as Bella. And finally, we come to Edward. Sometimes I couldn't comprehend what he was saying (same goes with Bella). All I heard were mumbles (which is why when the DVD is out, I'm going to get it, pronto!). But anyway, the sparkles have improved! And the Volturi scene? Jaw-dropping. There sure is more action in this movie and it was very intense.

Speaking of the Volturi, Dakota Fanning proved me wrong. When I first heard the news that she was going to be Jane, I doubted she could do it. But boy, Dakota Fanning was astonishing! She was fierce and that is just how I imagined Jane would act.

There were also a few scenes in which Victoria appeared. It still is sad to think that Rachelle Lefevre won't be in the next one. That is one of the things I feared most -- character switches in the middle of the movie series. But I hope Bryce Dallas Howard does a good job. I've never seen her act, so I'm not sure what to think yet.

I thought the wolves were pretty cool. Their roars, as they vibrated through the whole theatre, felt real, like you're actually watching them right in front of you. Remember seeing Jacob transform into a wolf in the trailer? Seeing it in the theatre is so much better!

Lastly, the ending. It's a cliffhanger! I saw it coming but I still had my hand up to my mouth in shock. Still, I had mixed feelings about it. I understand why they would do that because it's a movie series and all...but where is the ____ I was looking for?!? Now I'm wondering how Eclipse is going to start off...

Oh curiosity, why dost thou torture me?!

Overall, I enjoyed it fifty times more than Twilight. It really is worth the wait and the money.


  1. I TOTALLY agree with you! The acting, stunts, everything was amazing and a million times better than Twilight. Did you notice the running improved as well? Yeah, I noticed that! And with the ending. CURSE IT. I was swooning and all and, like you, knew it was coming, but still! Ah, I loved it so much. The wolves are my favorites (:

    Exactly, Oh curiosity, why dost thou torture me, is the best sentence for it xD

  2. it was pretty obvious that New Moon had a heck of a lot bigger budget to work with the the original Twilight Movie, ftw

  3. I agree! I'm completely in love with New Moon! I saw it three times in two days lol and I'm going back tomorrow.
    I was thinking the same thing about Rachelle Lefevre. I'm going to miss her!
    I wasn't that upset about the ending. In the books Bella doesn't actually say yes until the middle of Eclipse so we just have to wait and see!


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