Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Justine's Thoughts: Fade by Lisa McMann

Fade (Dreamcatcher #2)
By Lisa McMann

Source: Library



A quote:

They have an unusual relationship.
And when things are good, it's magic.

Any thoughts (No major spoilers) :

Lisa McMann has a creative style that is able to suck me into the story. It captivates and enthrals me and I can never get sick of it. The shortness of sentences, the simplicity of the writing, the realness of the dialogue, the burst of emotions, -- they’re just a few aspects of what makes this a brilliant novel (and series).

I’m extremely glad that Janie and Cabel’s relationship is further developed. They explore things they’ve never explored before, they fight about things they’ve never fought before, they say things they’ve never said before. And all of that equals a deep, sexy romance. A perfect balance in a paranormal novel.

The plot is not light and fluffy, but serious and dangerous. There are, however, some memorable, funny moments that occur involving Janie, Cabel and Captain. They have sarcastic voices, which make them so easy to love.

But what saddens me is that the next instalment, Gone, is the final one. Although I read Lisa McMann’s books fairly quickly (quicker than most books), I would have to remind myself to read gradually and savour every bit. For the meantime, I’ll be waiting anxiously until I get my hands on it.

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