Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Justine's Thoughts: Magic Study by Maria V. Snyder

Magic Study (Study #2)
By Maria V. Snyder

Source: Library

A quote:

Bad dreams are ghosts of our fears and worries, haunting us while we sleep.



Any thoughts (No major spoilers):

I can never get enough of the world Yelena lives in. As always, Yelena finds herself in some difficult situations. She is one of the people that attract trouble, encountering many struggles all the time. Yet she always manages to survive with the help of her friends. It’s awesome seeing how caring and entertaining they are.

And Valek...how I missed him throughout the novel. There wasn’t enough of him, but I was still all glad that he was there, calling Yelena “love” whenever he can, which I find funny and sweet at the same time. Sly and clever and brilliant on the outside, you can tell Yelena is his weakness. And if there is one person I hate with a passion in this book, it is Cahil. *shudder*

I had high expectations of this novel after reading Poison Study and I’m so happy that it did not disappoint me. There are new characters and enemies introduced, and there are still dark subjects such as nightmares, rape, and murder. But the overall plot is gripping and adventurous. I would read it all over again if I could. Right now, though, I’d prefer to go with reading the next book, Fire Study.

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