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Justine's Thoughts: Logic of Demons by H.A. Goodman

Logic of Demons
By H.A. Goodman

Source: The author, H.A. Goodman
My rating: 4/5

What would you do if the love of your life was murdered by a deranged killer? Would you become a vigilante and seek retribution? And would this revenge affect those you care for in the afterlife? Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine’s Soul takes you on a journey inside the psyches of men and women forced to deal with the supernatural consequences of their decisions. Through the lives of a demon, two Angels, and a mysterious girl, a plethora of politically and socially relevant issues ranging from the roots of genocide and sex trafficking to child conscription and religious fundamentalism are addressed in this fantasy thriller. Life as well as the afterlife converge in this novel to explain certain peculiarities of the human condition. Whether you are a God fearing individual or an atheist, Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine’s Soul addresses moral and theological issues of interest for people of all backgrounds.

A quote:

If memories were the currency of life, then each of these fans just became rich.

Any thoughts:

Well, I definitely enjoyed this book thoroughly! Logic of Demons is just the right book for me when I was looking for something new and gripping. It takes you on a crazy, fantasy ride with interesting twists along the way.

Devin has just lost his wife and is dealing with emotions that threaten to overwhelm him. After making one major decision, he has no choice but to face the consequences that wait for him in the afterlife. But he wants one thing and one thing only: to see his wife, Bridget, again. And he will do anything for that to happen even if it means going through Heaven and Hell.

Logic of Demons is a book that would make you think. About the choices you make daily, about its causes and its effects. It makes you wonder about the afterlife, about Heaven and Hell. Goodman involves the events in history and muses over them, viewing it in black and white or both.

What I liked most is the battle in the afterlife between three forces: the Angels, the Paladin, and the Demons. It’s interesting how there are not only two but three, and they all work to influence the minds of the humans to make the choices that define who they are. It is so original and fascinating that I was engrossed. Although I found it a little slow in the beginning, it eventually drew me in especially when it would switch narration to focus on Nadine’s life. Some twists were predictable but some were surprising. It creates a nice balance that makes this novel grand.

Overall, Logic of Demons is adventurous and aims to address the aspects that no one else would dare touch. Goodman successfully tells the story with perfect pacing and a thrilling sense of style, causing one to feel emotionally moved in the very end.

*Thank you to author H.A. Goodman for providing a free paperback copy!

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