Monday, October 12, 2009

Justine's Thoughts: Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

The Undomestic Goddess
By Sophie Kinsella



Book Description:

Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable. She’s made a mistake so huge, it’ll wreck any chance of a partnership.

Going into utter meltdown, she walks out of her London office, gets on a train, and ends up in the middle of nowhere. Asking for directions at a big, beautiful house, she’s mistaken for an interviewee and finds herself being offered a job as housekeeper. Her employers have no idea they’ve hired a lawyer - and Samantha has no idea how to work the oven. She can’t sew on a button, bake a potato, or get the #@%# ironing board to open. How she takes a deep breath and begins to cope - and finds love - is a story as delicious as the bread she learns to bake.

But will her old life ever catch up with her? And if it does...will she want it back?

A quote:

“What do you call five thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?”

“A start!” The words jump out of my mouth before I can stop them.

Any thoughts:

  • The beginning was very creative and it made me want to keep on reading. Then it led to lawyer-related things, which I didn’t understand very well so I got confused. I had to read it carefully so I would actually get it. Eventually, I got the main gist.
  • The hardships Samantha had to go through as a housekeeper were meant to be humorous, and it did quite make me laugh. She’s a great heroine.
  • Food is mentioned. And it will make you starving in a jiffy.
  • Yes! Romance! It almost made me cry in the end but of course, I won’t give anything away.
  • The plot flowed very nicely and I thought it was very young adult-y. It was perfect and I really, really loved it.

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