Monday, October 12, 2009

Justine's Thoughts: Love, Meg by C. Leigh Purtill

Love, Meg
By C. Leigh Purtill



Book Description (on the back of the book):

Dear, Jen

How are you? I am fine. Well, maybe not.

Tell me: what do you do when you find out everything about your life is a lie? Do you take your black Amex to the nearest boutique and buy all the stuff you want? Hide from the world under your Frette bedding? Grab a bag of Fritos and scarf the whole thing?

Or do you fly to New York to meet the family you never knew you had? The one your sister kept a secret while she moved you from place to place?

Help me, Jen. I could use your advice about now, and you always have the right answer.

Love, Meg

A quote:

It was one of Meg’s favourites, a happy tune about walking down a road and finding love along the way and realizing that forks in the road were there for the taking and neither was bad or good, just different, and maybe if you find love, you don’t want to take a path at all, you just want to settle down and make a home along the road and watch others travel along.

So okay, it wasn’t very poetic and it didn’t rhyme, but when Aaron did it with music, it made much more sense.

Any thoughts:

  • This book also took me a while to get into (160 pages, this time). And the end? Well, let’s just say I preferred a different one, however, even though it’s not entirely a happily-ever-after ending, it’s realistic. And that’s what counts, I think.
  • Jen (the person Meg writes to in the description above) was a mystery to me. At first. But then we find out who we she is and it’s weird. The truth is, though, Meg turns to Jen whenever she needs someone because she felt that Lucie was never there for her. Oddly enough (in the beginning when Meg first started to write to Jen), she received letters back and then one day they just stopped. Still, Meg felt as if Jen was always the one to get her through.
  • The story was moving. It’s one of those that have meaningful messages which we can learn from. Here, Meg discovers who she is and seeks the life she never knew of and I grew to like her as a character. I admired her determination to do the best she could. And in certain situations she always thought things clearly. All characters had their own imperfections, which made them even more real and relatable.
  • And if you’re a fan of Friends, you’d definitely love this book. Meg loves to write to Jen about some episodes she could relate to.

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