Saturday, October 24, 2009

Justine's Thoughts: She's So Money by Cherry Cheva

She’s So Money
By Cherry Cheva



Book Description:

Maya has always been the good girl. Camden is the popular jock with a bigger ego than brain. Maya never thought there’d be a reason for them to, like, interact. But when the biggest mistake of her life lands her in need of a seriously devious plan, she discovers Camden isn’t as dumb as he looks. And now that Maya’s playing the bad girl (lying, cheating, swindling, and, um, shopping), she might as well do it right and flirt with the bad boy. . .

A quote:

If you ever wanted to know what hope, plus dread, plus Tootsie Pop tastes like coming back up, the answer is sour Gummi worms. Gross, but true.

Any thoughts:

What a novel! I really loved this one. The humour, the plot and the characters were all amazing! Maya was one heck of a heroine. Most of the time I felt sorry for her for having to do such... deceitful things. But her humour is one of a kind! I enjoyed her way of telling the story the whole time. This novel also made me squeal for the right reasons. Romance isn’t really the main thing here - I think - but without it, the plot wouldn’t work out. It has to be included. And it was included very successfully. A+, Cherry Cheva!

One more thing: This book was the most relatable book I’ve ever read! It’s because Maya comes from an Asian family, and they say the exact same things as mine! Maya’s academic goals, too, matched mine. Her behaviour almost matched mine (except for the bad things she’s done of course, haha). In other words, Maya’s my long lost twin!!!

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  1. I was reading this once and I really liked it (but then I had to return it because it was way overdue...) I remember really liking the guy ;)


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