Monday, October 12, 2009

Justine's Thoughts: Guyaholic by Carolyn Mackler

By Carolyn Mackler



Book Description:

V Valentine is the queen of meaningless hook-ups. Ever since her mom dumped her with her grandparents, she has bounced from guy to guy. Until the fateful day she gets hit in the head with a hockey puck - and ends up in the lap of Sam Almond. From the start, Sam is different, and V is terrified. When her mom invites her to Texas for a visit, V takes the opportunity to run away. But hitting the road isn’t the escape V thought it would be. Can a guyaholic kick the habit?

A quote:

“’I like the flaws the best...they make her real.’”

Any thoughts:

  • There were some parts that were supposed to funny but it didn’t actually make me laugh. Near the end was where I actually laughed out loud.
  • Sam Almond is cute and really kind. The perfect guy, you can say. But he isn't the main focus of the book. Well, to V, he is. While on the roadtrip, all she thinks about is him.
  • Most of the content seemed rushed. The sentences were short and simple as if things wanted to be over and done with. So all the while I felt like I was reading too quickly. What I preferred, though, was for things to be explained more clearly.
  • Nevertheless, everything else was fine. I liked the characters and the plot, especially the part when V decided that she should be the one to actually do something about the situation she was in. Usually, it’s the guy the chases the girl but this one was different and I thought it was great.

1 comment:

  1. i thought this book was, great. This really Captures emotion, and you can almost feel what shes going through on her trip.


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