Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloggiesta - New Years Resolutions

Let's start with creating resolutions for 2010 with the help of Rebecca.
  • Reach a number of 100 books to read this year. So far, I'm doing terrible, with only one book finished. That doesn't mean I won't be catching up this summer. ;)
  • Try to review each and every book I read, good or bad.
  • Post more often. Maybe 4-5 a week. (Look out for more posts in the very near future. They're for Bloggiesta.)
  • Interact with other bloggers by doing guest posts.
  • Expand more in reviews and bring readers into the story and how I felt as I read through it.
  • Have a pad of sticky-notes near when reading so I could take notes. That way, it'll be easier when it comes to reviewing.
  • Include more about authors. Right now, I barely have anything on authors...except for the list of authors' sites in the sidebar. That's about it.
I'm hoping to stick to these resolutions. Some of it seem achievable, but some also require some guts to do...but I'll definitely give it a try.


  1. Welcome to the Bloggiesta, and thanks for sharing your goals! I'll be wishing you luck on the 100 book goal in 2010---I set out for that in 2009 and made it 99. So close, but yet so far away!

    I write in my books and underline important quotes, but I think sticky notes are also a great way to go to help you find key ideas when you're ready to write reviews. Best of luck this year!

  2. Great resolutions! I hope you keep those up this year!


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