Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Dose (10)

This new meme is hosted by Holly from Good Golly Miss Holly, where inspirational pictures are posted to enlighten your day. Please note that these pictures do not belong to me. The photographers, whoever they are, fully deserve this credit.


  1. Those are all so the saying "There is nothing wrong with you." :)

  2. Man the first one is exactly what I needed to see/hear :)

  3. Err, you know I can't see them. *hits computer* But I just wanted to stop by anyways! And, haha, yeah, I think I failed all my finals last week. AND I also forgot to stop by your blog everyday! As for Top 10 Commenter thing, I think it's started booting out some comment veterans, but fiiiiigght!
    And, side note, I was looking at your sitemeter thing and it said the average visit length is 38:39?! Wow, girl. :D

  4. Oh, well, personally I love photobucket but don't change because of me! :P
    And mine is set to only count the last 500 comments, so I guess the older ones start disappearing = decreasing? I THINK that's how it works at least... these widgets confuse me, lol.
    And, that's what I thought too! 38 minutes is INSANE, but yay! :D

  5. LOVE THESE! The first one is so amazing. <3

  6. Great bunch of pictures. Very fun. :)


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