Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bloggiesta - Finish Line

Yes, I've made it! We've all made it to the finish line!

Before we start to sum up what we've done, I got some work done earlier. Hooray!

Start time: 4:32
End time: 6:50
Total time: 2 hours and 18 minutes

What I got done:
  • Twitter & Goodread buttons
  • Comment
  • Wrote the Beautiful Creatures review

5 hours and 25 minutes..

With a total of: 7 hours and 43 minutes!

Hooray! That may not seem like a lot, but for a first timer (whose weekend was actually very busy), it's not so bad! I'm actually proud of myself. :D

I ended up participating in only 1 mini-challenge, the one by Rebecca, in which I had to post up some Resolutions for 2010. And remember my list in the very beginning? Well, halfway through the weekend, Steff and I decided not to do any of them because we've technically got them already. At least I made progress on the base posts (the ones you see underneath the header when you click on them), which I spent most of my Bloggiesta time doing. Of course, I didn't get to do some other things, like Awards. I'm going to suffer because of that one...I still have a lot to post up. I'll make sure to do it some other time. I also commented a lot in other blogs, though maybe most of them don't participate in Bloggiesta...Still, it felt like a lot. Most of all, I got to visit new blogs!

I had fun doing Bloggiesta while listening to music, which was the idea that came from Kristen. I honestly don't know why that never came to me. And Kristen cheered me on, too! If you're reading this, Kristen, you're the best. :)

I'm looking forward for another one in June (yesss! Summer!) so I could get even more things done.

That's all...I'm so exhausted now. Back to homework and studying!


  1. Almost 8 hours is great! Just think it's 8 hours more of work on your blog than if you didn't participate. Good luck studying!

  2. Awesome, it looks like you put A LOT of time and effort into this :)

  3. Awesome job Justine! I'm so glad that you participated and had fun at the same time. See you in June!


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